A cloud-based digital innovation management platform that helps your organisation scale transformation and innovation efforts seamlessly.

Engage stakeholders and capture, evaluate and prioritise insights and ideas intuitively while simultaneously making innovation a culture and value-creating element for your organisation.

We help you..

Find areas to cut cost in the organisation

Uncover growth opportunities faster

Embed innovation culture in your corporate DNA

Innovation does not have to be complicated or exclusive

The digital onset has dictated that companies explore new marketing channels; web and social, utilise new technologies, and compete on a global or regional stage. Customers have also become more complex and employees’ needs, especially the millennials, have proven to be significant challenges for organisations to keep abreast with. 

Our software helps you keep pace with these changing trends. Whether you are looking at new product developments, process improvements, hackathons or fresh business models as a source of renewal, our platform helps drive impact creation by converting valuable insights into actionable outputs. With innate capabilities to increase your customer or employee engagement, the platform drives transformation effortlessly. 

No matter what type of  organisation you are, there is an InnovAsian® Space which is right for you.

InnovAsian® Space
Built upon the best practices for innovation in the modern age, utilising digital tools in a simple yet engaging manner.

Learn about how InnovAsian® Space can help you

The software is intuitive and flexible to meet various organisational needs and maturity.

  • Transform insights and ideas to value for the organisation through rapid prototyping
  • Launch large scale competitions to source the most innovative and disruptive ideas for your products and services
  • Tap into the collective genius in any corner of your organisation to find solutions to your business challenges faster than ever before
“The platform allowed our employees to express their ideas and served as an ideation funnel for us to identify new ideas, projects, and solutions for our innovation pipeline.”
– Rafiza Ghazali, Senior Vice President, Head, Strategy & Innovation, Sime Darby Berhad

Find the right Space for your organisation


For organisations ready to LAUNCH their innovation journey.

Initiate short-term innovation ventures by crowdsourcing solutions from challenge workshops or hackathons at your organisation.

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For organisations that have explored innovation and seek to ACCELERATE their journey

Boost innovation efforts by exploring additional areas for growth and digitising innovation management from insights to impact.

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For organisations seeking to SCALE their existing innovation frameworks and embed them in their operations

Decentralise innovation efforts and build capabilities across your organisation to scale with exponential growth opportunities.

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EXPAND your horizon and crowdsource solutions from the open crowd

Embrace open innovation and seek new ways to innovate by looking outside your company’s walls

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Organisations who trust InnovAsian® Space

Organisations of all sizes rely on InnovAsian® Space to spearhead their innovation journeys in a structured, seamless way

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