Induction into TENxCLUB by the Prime Minister on the 12 Dec 2017

  • big breaks to capital sources
  • traction building tools/avenues
  • business contracts opportunities
  • international market access

Key dates

Submission deadline: 30 Sept 2017

Finalists interview between 10 – 18 Nov 2017

Winners notification by 30 Nov 2017


TENxCLUB is designed with the success of the entrepreneurs in mind. The goal is one – enable scale-able startups to tremendous resources and support network to become viable and to grow quickly.

TENxCLUB is by-qualification and invitation-only exclusive club that offers valuable network and support on an international scale.

There are shots at receiving powerful mentorship, to being sponsored to attend meaningful networking events in order to connect with the right people, as well as facilitate greater opportunities to showcase and build useful PR and social capital – all to help you amplify and quantum leap your startup’s results.

The first ten highly celebrated members of TENxCLUB will have access to investors, strategic partners and most important, strong base of customers.

To qualify, applicants of TENxCLUB must be the founder, owner or majority shareholder of a startup earning a minimum of RM1 million in its first year of operation and registration of company no earlier than Dec 2015 qualify.

The TENxCLUB Journey

If you know of a startup that qualifies, nominate them to nurul@globalentrepreneurshipmovement.org and we will be in touch!