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Boost innovation efforts by exploring areas for growth and digitizing innovation management from insights to impact. This purpose-built package is centrally-driven and designed for small to medium organisations who want to initiate innovation and maximise diversity and talent within their organisation.

What you get with ACCELERATE

Monitor impact

Keep track of the impact level for all solutions

Manage community

Streamline all innovation activities from a central location

Spot innovators

Identify innovation talents in the organisation


Convert implementable insights to impactful projects

Make decisions

Communicating needs, solutions, and project decisions to the community


Every stage of innovation process is centrally driven by administrator

Post as a team 

Individual or Teams can submit solutions to challenges

Review solutions

Rate and comment on solutions given by other contributors

View postings

See the solutions posted by other contributors

Curate platform

Populate ideas/insights where innovation is needed on the platform

Boost credibility

Build your innovation portfolio to gain recognition and credibility

Project communication

Provide project updates to the entire community

Identify areas of opportunity

Leverage on the collective wisdom of your organisation by nurturing the skill to identify needs and areas for innovation to happen. Provide a creative and safe space for your users to spot opportunities.

Identify areas where innovation is needed
Convert insights to projects

Channel insights into a decision funnel where viable ideas are curated and used to form implementable innovative solutions. This allows administrators to decide on which solution to be carried forward to the next stage and converted into a project – pitch, prototype, pilot or propagate.

Communicate project progress

Keep everyone in the loop as various projects are launched. Members of the organisation can receive project status updates and provide support to other project team members virtually. The community may also provide review and suggestions to the project updates via comments and “likes”, improving outcomes of the project.

Analytical insights
Analyse activities

Capture multidimensional data from the inception of an insight to the implementation of a project to generate relevant inferences in each stage of innovation. This data-driven progress is fueled by engagement, efficiency, financial and workflow analytics.

Personalise homepage

Users can explore innovation ideas and insights posted on the platform homepage according to their personal preference. This built-in algorithm will recommend relevant postings to users based on their unique inclination and past behaviour, leading to a higher level of user engagement and reducing information overload.

& all the features from Launch

Other ACCELERATE Highlights

  • All the features from Launch
  • Suitable for 50 – 500 contributors
  • Two innovation administrators
  • Personalised home page
  • Full analytic reports
  • Customise project categories
  • Personalised branding (optional)
  • Video upload (optional)
  • Single sign-on (optional)
  • News and guide (optional)

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