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Initiate short-term innovation ventures by crowdsourcing solutions from challenge workshops or hackatons within your organisation. Obtain fast solutions by turning insights into growth opportunities. Our starter package is ready-to-use and easy to deploy into any organisation.

What you get with LAUNCH

Configure challenge

Create challenges to match your innovation requirement

Review solutions

Decide actions to be taken on the solution using: Pause, Propose, Pass

Manage users

Supervise users accessibility from a central system

Monitor impact

Keep track of the impact level for all solutions

Contribute ideas

Post relevant solutions to specific challenges

View postings

See the solutions posted by other contributors

Review solutions

Rate and comment solutions given by other contributors

Post as a team

Participate in competitions/Hackathons as a team

Design challenges
to gather solutions

Accelerate your solution gathering process by posing multiple challenges your company is currently facing simultaneously. This allows you to leverage on the collective genius in every corner of your organisation to find solutions to your business challenges faster than ever before.

Design challenges to gather solutions
Contribute as Individual, Team or Anonymous
Contribute as Individual, Team or Anonymous

Users can post and review solutions as an individual, team or anonymously. The feature allows everyone in your organisation to contribute regardless of cultural or personal barriers, giving your organisation the ability to engage innovation novices. You can also use this to organise individual or team competitions/hackathons effortlessly.

Engage the Crowd

Enlist feedback from all employees by encouraging individuals or teams of your organisation to comment and rate postings on the platform for quality improvement. This feature boosts visibility of trending solutions to help with the decision making process, ensuring that the most valuable and viable solution is selected.

Crowd ratings
Challenge analytics
Analyse Performance

Analyse the solutions proposed for each of the challenges in a fast and efficient manner using different dimensions such as impact, urgency, feasibility and commitment. This uncovers trends which your organisation can convert into actionable solutions.

Track impact

Administrators can track the impact of a challenge through reviewing the challenge analytics which shows the level of engagement received by the community through reviewing the number of likes, comments and views. This also helps administrators to determine which solution gets the most traction.

Track user engagement

Other LAUNCH Highlights

  • Any number of users: 20 – 20,000
  • One innovation administrator
  • Device-optimised
  • Support rich-text format submission
  • Standard innovation parameters
  • Deploy multiple challenges simultaneously
  • HD image upload supported
  • Personalised branding (optional)
  • Video upload (optional)
  • Single sign-on (optional)

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